Blue World Institute of Marine Research and Conservation

The Blue World Institute of Marine Research and Conservation carries out its activities through three programmes – scientific, education and conservation. Research focuses on large marine vertebrates (mostly Cetaceans, sea turtles and cartilaginous fish) with an aim to contribute to their and marine environment protection and conservation.

Results of research are translated to activities aimed at rasing of public awareness and education. Our offices and field activities are based on Adriatic islands, showing our support to sustainable development of local, insular communities through cooperation and an interdisciplinary approach to conservation.

Blue World Institute operates on several locations on Lošinj, Murter and Vis Islands.



The Adriatic Dolphin Project, with field stations on the islands of Lošinj, Vis and Murter

The Lošinj Marine Education Centre, Veli Lošinj

The Cres-Lošinj Marine Protected Area

The Adriatic Marine Turtle Project


Adopt a dolphin on-line

By participating in the Blue World Institute’s “Adopt a dolphin” campaign you are supporting the Adriatic Dolphin Project with your donation. With your generous contribution we will continoue our activities on research and protection of the bottlenose dolphins and their environment.

Your donation will help the continuation of our work to increase public awareness at local and national level through actions such as the Dolphin Day, educational program for schools and kinder gardens, and the promotion of the overall protection of the Lošinj archipelago and entire marine environment. More info

When you adopt a dolphin you will receive an Adoption pack that includes:

  • a personalised Adoption certificate
  • photo of your adopted dolphin with informative text
  • a yearly Issue of “Akvamarin”, a Blue World Institute informative newsletter
  • attractive bookmarks and leaflets on BW projects
  • Blue World supporting membership card
  • other items depending on the adoption type your chose

Individual dolphin adoption 

Individual Dolphin adoption Plus 

School and Kindergarten dolphin adoption 

Family adoption 

Company adoption 



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